Rattankosin Island (Old Bangkok City) was established, by King Rama I. The reason we call it “Island” because at that time, our ancestors dug up the canal and constructed the total of 14 Fortresses all around the city to protect ourselves from the enemies.  Right now this area is known as Thailand’s leading historical area of Bangkok which is conserved by Thai Government. Out of the 14, we’re left with only 2 fortresses to see nowadays. One of them is called Phrasumen Fortress, which is situated on Phrasumen Road. Fortville Guesthouse is located right next to it.

Dating from 1989, a simple 5-story guesthouse had been opened and served oversea backpackers for exactly 20 years before the renovation took place, as PS Guesthouse. After newly renovation, it is replaced by FORTVILLE GUESTHOUSE, which combines old Bangkok city’s aesthetics with every modern amenity and prides itself on its excellent service.

Fortville Guesthouse is a reasonably priced boutique guesthouse. It is the first and the only one in Thailand with a “FORT” designed. Not only the exterior is different, also the interior is charming.

With a “FORT” theme, we concentrate on our guests’ safety as our number 1 priority since the fortress represents security and protection. We provide CCTV, 3 Emergency Fire exits (including the main stair), smoking detectors, fire alarm system, and fire extinguishers on every corner of each floor. With us, guests can be sure that they will be safe in the arm of Fortville.

According to the research on our targeted guests’ demand, Fortville Guesthouse provides you Standard Double, Superior Double, Superior Twin, and Deluxe Balcony with in-room facilities such as LCD TV with in-house satellite, double layers curtain, double glasses window (for noise pollution), comfortable bed and mattress, water heater, refrigerator (Deluxe Balcony Only), and more. All the rooms are simply designed to offer you private comfort with heartwarming hospitality.

That is not it. To kiss your butt, we also provide some more to excite and comfort you such as, Boutique Elevator, Luggage Storage Room, Safe Deposit Boxes, Canal Bank Garden, and Roof-Top Restaurant. Moreover, you can stay in touch with your families and friends by using our WIFI anywhere in the building.

With all these, we are sure that you cannot find one like us in Thailand.

Just come and Feel It Yourself!

No.9 Phrasumen Rd. Chanasongkram Phranakorn Bangkok 10200, THAILAND (Khaosan Road)

T: +66 (0) 2 282 3932 , +66 (0) 2 282 3933 F: +66 (0) 2 629 0380 E: info@fortvilleguesthouse.com
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